I believe in creating a sense of quiet awareness in the use of products. I help entrepeneurs translate their idea or message into clear designs that aim to evoke a positive surprise with the user or onlooker, while avoiding unnecessary stimuli. With a well-aimed quest into finding people's underlying desires, I try to create succesful designs that bring a smile on your face.

Key elements in the development process are: Function, Ergonomics, Interaction, Experience, Identity and Aesthetics. A keen eye is kept on Producability (process + materials) and Sustainability (quality + lifecycle).

While every project is unique, there are certain recurring steps that define the way I work in a project. Some projects require all these steps, for other projects I can assist you with just those particular processes your business would like to outsource. 
At the start of the development process we do a thorough analysis of your goals, strengths and possible in-house production facilities. We investigate the needs of the target group, look at trends and opportunities and envision a scenario for the context in which the product is placed.
We search for multiple solutions through a method for idea generation that fits the specific assignment. Scenarios are created in which we apply those ideas to the envisioned context. From this phase concepts are derived that offer a realistic solution to the problem.
In consultation with the client we pick solutions that are further developed into prototypes. This way we can test the viability of the concepts with the target audience and make sure the product will perform the way we expect it to.
This phase involves CAD engineering, detail- and material design and more prototyping. In collaboration with your production department (or production partner) we further develop the prototype into a product design that is ready for production.
The design process as a whole is always an iterative process in which we should not be afraid to take a step back to find a more effective solution to your challenge.

If you would like to know what I could add to your project, then please do not hesitate to contact me.