interdisciplinary design for experience

Industrial-, spatial- and information design

Driven by a healthy fascination for user behaviour, formgiving and technology, I work towards a succesful product using an integral design process. Since 2009, I have worked on various projects in industrial-, spatial- and graphic design, but in most of my projects these disciplines merge.
The connecting factor that defines my work is the design process that is followed and the thorough investigation that precedes it. The goals of the client, the needs of the target group, environment and society are all weighed in and moulded together into a balanced and functioning end product.
I believe in creating a sense of quiet awareness in the use of products, and stripping away distractions.  I help entrepeneurs translate their idea or message into clear designs that aim to evoke a positive surprise to the user.
About Me

Zeger van der Voet

MSc. Integrated product design
Industrial design engineer (TU Delft) who gets carried away into graphic and spatial design as well, all in pursuit of the best integrated design. Researcher, concept developer and engineer.
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2009 - present Various projects for: TU Delft, KLM, G-Star RAW, Fox-IT, Curve Works, Rinnic/Vaude, Tanc, Lanbox Products, Villa Lumière, Peerdrops
2017 - 2018 Industrial Design Engineer at Helder Innovation + Development
2015 Publication: Book design + Illustration ‘CleanEra – A Collection of Research Projects for Sustainable Aviation‘, by The CleanEra Team, Ronald van Gent & Agaath Diemel (Eds.), IOS Press
2012 Publication: Paper in AIAA Journal of Aircraft, vol 49, issue 4, ‘Configuration of the Multibubble Pressure Cabin in Blended Wing Body Aircraft‘, by Z. van der Voet, F.J.J.M.Geuskens, T.J.Ahmed, B.Ninaber van Eyben and A.Beukers, TU Delft
2012 European patent: ‘Simulating and configuring an acoustic system’, with E. van Duin and K.I. Kleine
2011 Publication: Book chapter in ‘From Floating Wheelchairs to Mobile Car Parks‘, P.M.A. Desmet and H.N.J. Schifferstein (Eds.), Eleven International Publishing
2011 - 2013 Selected for Exhibition ‘Connecting Concepts‘ by Premsela/Nieuwe Instituut. Exhibited in India, China, Germany, Turkey, the Netherlands and Brazil
2009 Founded ZEGER ontwerp – office for industrial-, spatial- and graphic design, Rotterdam
2009 Obtained Master of Science (MSc.) degree in Integrated Product Design at Delft University of Technology
2007 1st prize in BNA architecture competition ‘Burgemeester zoekt woning‘, Rotterdam; with Phillip Lühl (NAM)
Obtained Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology
2006 Internship at eckedesign, Berlin
Clients include