Stand design for LanBox at Messe Frankfurt


For the Pro Light + Sound 2012 exhibition at Messe Frankfurt I designed a stand for LanBox Products. It shows a series of solutions for various applications of their LanBox LCX controller and 788LD+ dimmer. Each showcase, or breadboard example, is presented on its own panel/cabinet that folds together to form a flightcase, easily transportable and installable at more exhibition events to come. Three custom designed LED display boxes, a rotating logo relief and a back-lighted logo are all controllable and dimmable with LanBox Products.

The stand is transportable in a single van.




The initial design using Kraft paper as a backdrop of the panels.
The initial design using Kraft paper as a backdrop of the panels.






A custom LED matrix was designed, built of wood and perspex. A Video signal controls the illumination of the LEDs.


To illustrate the versatility of the Lanbox 788 dimmer, several hard-to-dim showcases were presented, like a fluorescent light(box) and a mirror-ball motor.


The showcase that demonstrates the use of video-jockey-software to control LED-wash lighting in a stage setup.


LanBox stand at Pro Light + Sound, Messe Frankfurt


Click here for information about the LanBox LCX controller.